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Our Franchise Modals

Price 3 Lakhs + GST 5 Lakhs + GST 10 Lakhs + GST 25 Lakhs + GST
Area required 120-200 sq ft 200 -300 sq ft 300 -500 sq ft 1000 – 2500 sq ft
Software eHealth Pro eHealth Pro eHealth Pro eHealth Pro
Resource + Salary 1 3
Collaterals Creatives Creatives Creatives Creatives
Marketing Free Support Free Support Free Support Free Support
Packaging Branded Branded Branded Branded
Commission Margins per sale Margins per sale Margins per sale Margins per sale
Credit limit 3 lakh worth medicine + 1 lakh credit 5 lakh worth medicine + 3 lakh credit 10 lakh work medicine + 5 lakh credit 25 lakh worth medicine + unlimited credit
Licence - - Yes Yes

eHealth is pioneering in creating the largest ecosystem for healthcare in India.

Our products, eHealth ID and eHealth Pro are aimed to provide affordable and authentic healthcare services for all the classes of people by creating space for a revolutionary healthcare system that brings the patient, doctor and the hospital together by integrating data securely and digitally into a single system.

You will be charged 3000 INR to submit your eHealth Pharmacy franchise request.

Why Do We Charge?

Franchise request charges will include following things.

After we receive a franchise request, we will prepare a detailed internal report of your franchise request. We include geographic, psychographic and other valuable factors in this report.

We analyze the potentiality of your location based on numerous factors and we will get back to you with all details of the possibility of a franchise.

To prevent fake enquires and encourage genuine franchise requests.

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